Karachi, which breathes amid promises !

By: Vasdev Hemnani

If we are to collect the garbage from all the streets of Karachi and put them on one of side of scale and the weight of unkept promises on its opposite side then, to no surprise, the weight of later will outweigh the former and will do so with fairly good margin. And believe it or not, if scientists had invented any machine which could turn an unkept promise into a living human being then this practice would have lead to outnumber the actual population of Karachi, at least the population showed in recent census.
Of course the politicians lead this list because they take promise as a commodity. Once their promises have earned them ballot then instead of making any effort whatsoever to fulfill their previous commitments, they rush to make news ones. Not many days have gone by when we were all scared to see the face of Karachi’s drainage system because rain had washed away all the makeup of promises from its ugly face. In a nutshell, they benefit more from their promises than their performance. So when we compare the tally of promises with the particles of performances, we must be in the right frame of mind if we call them “promisers” instead of politicians.
Few days back, people of Karachi got another major setback on similar grounds and this time it was the chairman of PCB Najam Sethi who failed to keep his words. Najam Sethi had earlier ensured that Karachi will host at least from 2 to 3 matches in the upcoming third edition of PSL. But, following the footsteps of our political peers, he has withdrawn his words like he never said them and that now Karachi will only host the final of PSL, thereby, leaving the legacy of unkept promises undisturbed.
The statement rightly took many by surprise because the law and order situation of Karachi has improved dramatically over the past few years. Though the citizens are still breathing the air full of pollution but law enforcement agencies have, by and large, made it sure that people of Karachi must not breath in the air of terror and fear anymore.
We all admired resilience of Najam Sethi for not holding back in the face of a tragic blast on Lahore mall road which befell just days before the final of 2nd PSL was all set to be played at Gaddafi Stadium Lahore. And, as it turned out to be, the final was played at Lahore even at the cost of missing out of some big names, who backed-out on security issues. Najam Sethi must unveil that what is it then preventing him from allowing Karachi to host few more matches and, hopefully, security would be the last excuse he will come up with because stats of last few years indicate otherwise.
PCB chairman would be very much aware of the fact that cricket, for us, is much more than just a game. People relate themselves with it. Hence, any kind of inequality or a hint of favor would not go down unnoticed. While I pen down these words, the signs of reservations have already started to emerge. An MPA from Balochistan has asked PCB to let the province host at least one match of PSL.