End of family dominance and ray of hope

By: Fayaz Chandio

Supreme Court bench not only eradicated Nawaz Sharif but his entire family has been indicted and that’s the biggest blow in the politics of paskistan. Trend is changing, whatever happens now would be unpredictable for sure. This is a difficult time for the PML-N.” “But the power to make party decisions will remain with Nawaz Sharif. State Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb at a press conference after the verdict said, “Nawaz does not need a chair, he is a reality. That day is not far, when he will be chosen for the fourth time” On other hand, Imran khan will have the biggest advantage but basically politics will become much more fragmented now in Punjab specially because the battle ground is in Punjab. The rest of the country isn’t that much affected by the this decision but the ray of hope for justice can been felt from every corner of the country.