Dots do not connect

BY: Vasdev Hemnani

In a country where we have grown up watching our politicians rising to the occasion when the water is nearly under the bridge. Where the tactic of ‘delay’ is darling of all the politicians as it is a tried and tested formula which distances the people, at a slow and steady pace where they don’t even realize that they are being pushed, from the core issue. So, historically speaking, we are unmatchable when it comes to hiding any issue, no matter how serious and critical it may be to address that, behind the curtain of delay.
Now keeping our vulnerable background into consideration, we have every reason to look into the course of actions through the glass of suspicion when a ‘particular’ matter, amid the series of grave issues, immediately catches the attention of our Parliament and timely measures are taken to resolve that matter. As we saw this happening recently in the case of Ayesha Gulalai, who accused Imran Khan for sending her inappropriate texts. The echo of her allegations, surprisingly, proved enough to awake our Parliament from a long period of slumber. So much so, that our brand new elected prime minister, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi also in his first ever address to the nation announced to form a committee to resolve the very issue.
People were already having a hard time to digest PMLN’s unconventional rush and undue importance given to this matter. But when PMLN downplayed the serious allegations of Ayesha Ahed, who claimed herself to be the wife of Hamza Shehbaz Sharif, and paid no heed to her plea for setting a Parliamentary committee to probe the matter then we were unable to connect the dots for a simple reason that, if PMLN were to stand for the rights of women then the question is why Ayesha Ahed is denied the same right which PLMN bestowed so graciously upon Ayesha Gulalai? Worse, she is even receiving death threats now.