Doklam’s clash between China and India

By: Maemuna Sadaf
Doklam, Zhoglam (in standard Tibetan) or Donglang (in Chinese) is a narrow plateau lying in tri junction region of Bhutan, China and India. This is a disputed territory claimed by both Bhutan and China. Bilateral talks between the two countries continued since 1984. Unlike China and Bhutan, India has no claim over Doklam.
China constructed road leads towards Chumbi Valley. As construction progressed, China extended work into the Doklam Plateau on June 16; India sent troops to barricade the project. China sent a small number of troops in response and the clash commenced. Both of the armies are 120 miles away from each other. The ongoing Doklam clash has brought sharp focus on India and China.
The Doklam clash began in mid June when India accused China of constructing a road in disputed territory towards Doklam Plateau that the Royal Bhutanese Army also raised. Bhutan has protested to China, saying the area belonged to it and accused Beijing of violating agreements that aim to maintain the status quo until the boundary dispute is resolved.
Although the terrain and weather in the area are anathema to war yet in the wake of army face off and chill in ties over Doklam clash, China has transported “tens of thousands of tones” of military vehicles and equipment in Tibet. China has moved T -72 tank towards its borders along with troops.
The clash ensued between the Indian and Chinese border troops. Soon, both sides started sending reinforcements and increasing the military deployment to prepare for armed conflict. The clash is continued and the situation between the two countries remained tensed. Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) of China has made sufficient preparation for any confrontation with Indian army.
After crossfire for two month, Chinese army troops fought with such a spirit that India had no option else than evacuating Doklam leaving behind 50 troops only.
On 19th July, China renewed its call for India, to withdraw its (Indian) troops from Doklam immediately and unconditionally or kicked out by Chinese Soldiers. It was stated that restraint at Doklam has its bottom line.
On the other hand, Chief of Indian Air force said they are ready for any eventuality. India has security fears. China’s state run media has warned Prime Minister Narendra Modi that China’s PLA will annihilate all Indian troops. China has also warned India of small scale military operation.
Cross exchange of statement of government level between both the countries is continued. China’s spokesperson urged the Indian side to give up the illusion of its delaying tactic, as no country should under estimate the Chinese forces confidence and capacity to safeguard peace. He also said Chinese armed forces will resolutely protect the country’s territorial sovereignty, security and development interest.
Including more, China being emerging super power and PLA one of the strong armies has proved itself far better in arm and ammunition than Indian Army. To protect their country’s interest PLA has been made stronger enough to fight with any of its enemy.