Cricketers; off the field these days

By: Vasdev Hemnani

“Cricket is a gentlemen’s game”. This is clearly the most overheard sentence about this game. While cricketers have arguably maintained their gentleness on the field over the years, barring the heated encounters of arch-rivals like Pakistan versus India and England versus Australia, but at the same time we have a long and fat list of those players who have not been so gentle off the field and have come jaw-droppingly hard on the fans.
This list, it seems, is on T20 mode these days because recently two such inappropriate incidents have taken place one after another. What’s more, two players got involved in each of these tussles. Now that’s some serious team work.
First it were Ben Stokes and Alax Hales, who created quite an episode outside a nightclub in Bristol when Stokes punched a man out of the self-defense because he (man) was holding a bottle and was, allegedly, aiming to throw at them. Afterwards, Stokes was immediately sent behind the bars and matter was taken up by responsible authorities, for the subject to further investigation. So, with due course of time, we will come to know the name guilty party. Remember, Ashes series is around the corner and the thought of Stokes missing this contest is indeed frightful one from England’s perspective.
As soon as the very essence of a “headline” was sucked out by the time from this news, another news of similar sort was ready to replace its” sister headline”.
This time they were our very own Ahmed Shehzad and Umar Gul. As reports go, things stretched out of control when these two found themselves surrounded by bunch of fans who, out of their raw excitement, rushed towards them for selfies.
Of course, everybody wanted a perfect selfie with the stars. And when you desire for perfection then its normal not get satisfied with less. So, in their lengthy quest for perfect selfies, they kept on capturing pictures until they got it all-right from every angle. As a result, players got pushed and immediately sparked off with anger. Umar Gul pushed away a fan and Ahmed Shehzad went too far though, when he slammed a fan’s mobile on the floor.
Although, better sense prevailed when next day Umar Gul called that person and showed a great gesture by gifting him one of his shirts as a sign of an apology. Gul may have realized that it might not be the best of the way to approach a player but shouting at someone who has cheered his lungs out for every wicket he took was just not good.
Ahmed Shehzad, not taking a lead from his senior’s book, remained unmoved and did not offer even a tender apology on his otherwise active twitter account. Hence, not realizing the phone he broke might have had his own stylish photo set as a wallpaper.