Co-education should be allowed at all levels of education

By: Aqsa Memon
Co-education at all levels of education leads towards a quiet healthy and competitive environment among the students. Economically co-education helps the country fairly. It increases the level of confidence throughout the students. It contributes a lot in ranking the literacy rate of rural areas. Moreover it supports to eliminate the social un-equality. Co-education creates a competitive environment in such a way that, as it is scientifically proved that two opposite genders always try to beat each other and to be superior over one another. So happens in co-education, if a boy answered any question than the girl will be jealous of him that why she could not answer? And vice versa. For which they will work hard and will also introduce modern techniques of learning to overcome each other. And this could be more competitive from primary level to university level and so on………. Economically co-education helps the country as, now we are spending more money on two different institutions (one for boys and one for girls) but if there will be only one institution for both of the genders rather than two, then we can also save our budget or even can more establish and flourish that one institution by introducing well equipped laboratories and much more. Most importantly co-education enhances the confidence among the pupils by overcoming the barriers like shyness, fear, tension etcetera etcetera. And then the two genders will feel more comfortable with each other and will discuss on various topics without hesitation as a result transference of information and ideas takes place.
In most of the rural areas there are institutions for boys only and poor girls remain deprived of education, but if there would be any co-educational institution then that will be a golden chance for the residents to get educated. For which there will be a remarkable difference in the literacy rate of our state. Not only this but co-education helps a lot in eliminating the social inequality between the two genders. As in our society female is taken as weaker and inferior gender. This can only be eliminated when both will sit together, talk together, learn together and go ahead together. From which the boys will come to know that so what if they (girls) are movable physically but when it comes to intelligence they can be advanced\superior. Girls will also know about their importance and will also come out of their dejection and gender discrimination. In a nut shell our society will be more prosperous. In the light of above paragraphs it is proved that the co-education at all levels is most useful in many aspects and will bring positivity and will also create great minds. Hence it must be allowed at all levels of education, so that we could get better hopes from our future.