Blasphemy; Who should punish court or citizens ?

By: Hamid Alam
[The writer is the student of Linguistics Department of Qauid-i-Azam University Islamabad.]Hazrat Umar’s (R.A) Era was the golden era of Islamic civilization. At that time Islamic society was a paradigm for other societies. In this Era, some changes were brought in practice, Such as Army system, Police System Judiciary system (Sha-re-aat Court) etc. to facilitate the citizen. The most beautiful and luminous step was the stabilization of judiciary in the Islamic state; the basic aim was that if a person commits any sin or any other illegal activity. The only court has the power to give him punishment; Judiciary (Sha-re-aat Court) was the supreme authority of the state. Every Muslim was following the orders of the judiciary (Sha-re-aat court), indeed, the caliph was also answerable to court on any issue and the caliph has no authority to give punishment on any issue to the citizen except Judiciary.
Our beloved state, Pakistan, is an Islamic state which came into existence on 14th August 1947, on the slogan of Islam. Pakistan is considering the most powerful state among other Islamic states. We have the well-formed constitution, well-organized judiciary along with Sha-re-aat courts, and the executive departments who implement the law and constitution. If any citizen commits any wickedness which is against the law, the only judiciary has the power to give him punishment through executive departments only after in-depth investigation. However, the current issue of Mashal Khan at AWKUM (Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan) is a critical issue for both State (Judiciary) and citizen. Moreover, the majority of the population is Muslims. All are confused that if we support Mashal Khan then we are committing a huge sin. And if we want to support those people who killed Mashal Khan then we need strong evidence which is limited to social media. In addition, social media evidence are not authentic sources. These contradictions arise many questions. These questions are still answerless.
After all, suppose, if Mashal Khan committed blasphemy than which authority will give him punishment, Citizen or Judiciary? Obviously, the answer will be different for different thoughts. Some people will answer, only Citizen and what they had done is just for sake of Islam. Other says Judiciary which is the supreme authority of the state. But according to the situations, if Mashal Khan committed blasphemy then judiciary would give him punishment. In fact, we Muslims are the makers of Judiciary for stopping such illegal activities. If we ourselves do not follow the rules of our religion Islam, Prophet (S.A.W) and his Caliphs than such issues will definitely arise in our country. Think of yourself, reflecting all the situations and find out which is the best way for us, following the rules and regulation of one of the best administrators of the world Hazrat Umar (R.A) follower of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)? Or the rules and regulation which is made by us? Which one, this is up to you people.