Attention delayed, justice denied !

By: Vasdev Hemnani

While verdicts given by courts all over the world are meant to solve the cases and come up with a crystal clear decision in black and white, literally. But, like many other things, this very practice differs drastically in case of Pakistan. Here when puzzle of a case, specially a high profile one, is placed in front of the court and after the exchange of heating arguments from both sides that puzzle, far from getting solved, is found being wrapped up with the layers of complexity and confusion.

In other words, such cases tend to become more confusing after the verdict is out than they were before that judgment. One recent addition in the exhausting list of such verdicts is the verdict given by Anti Terrorism Court’s judge Asghar Ali Khan on Benazir Bhutto murder case. We saw how picture of this case, instead of becoming vivid with answers, turned more gloomy with smoking questions.

Having all said and done about the vulnerable health of this judgment at length the surgeons of media must not over engross themselves around only this verdict because by doing so they will sideline one critical factor which directly correlates with People’s Party and that is their lack of attention and curiousty towards the case, thereby, causing such long and criminal delay of ten years in first place.

So when the verdict given by honorable court can be questioned with utmost intensity then media should also spare a question or two for People’s Party, because if there are question marks on the judgment then there are also question marks, perhaps accompanied by the series of exclamatory marks, on the way People’s Party has persuaded the case.

By responding quickly and coming hard at the verdict of ATC People’s Party is trying to free themselves from their responsibility. But we know they are quick to respond but lazy to act. They proved their laziness in Murtaza Bhutto murder case and they are proving it once again, convincingly as ever.People’s Party is reputed for cashing their sacrifices but not catching the culprits and they are, unsurprisingly, living up to their reputation.