By: Kainat Ali Merani

[ Kainat Ali Merani is a student of Intermediate level.
She is not a professional writer but she likes to write articles and poems.]

It was the day of December 16, 2014; When I knew who I really was!
I was nothing but a tiny creature who left his hands from the rope of his life at the age of 15 only.
What I was? What I am? And what i wanted to be? Were all here and I have gone away from those pretty lies; I had nothing but just the prayers of my parents and sweet memories of my loved ones.
I was from a world where I was persuaded what I have, where little scorn but much love was enough for my life, a world which was full of WiFi and Face-booking, where mother gets indignant when I am late but gives her infinite love when I am back from school tired, where fathers love is like , where brothers secrets are placid and brother is always grumble about sister; I am from a world where family is all I want and all I need.
When my oceans of eyes touches these glistening cheeks and murmuring lips, I then knew who I really am!
Its was not only the black day for Pakistan but a darkest day for me and apparently for my family too.4:00 pm when my dead body entered my home. All were shocked to see my dead body. I can feel nothing but as every one was in abyss sea. Those smiles turned into crying faces. A father mourning at the death of his son; A mother screaming and trembling his piece of heart.
My voice became inaudible, my lips were zipped but I wanted to shout, I wanted to tell everyone dat:
Shaheed’s never die!
Shaheed’s are not dead!
Mom, Dad; I am alive!
I am alive.
But no one listened me. They took me to the grave-yard and locked my pretty body with sand.
And everyone left me all at once!
I think me and this world were incomparable.
Everything was so rapid that even I can’t understand what had happened to me.
And, now I’m in a world where I’m kept save, happy and with care. I feel the most luckiest person here.
I wanted to tell my family; please no more cries because I’m happy here.
But still I wanted to say; Ami I love you and I miss you!