By: Wajahat Abro

Terrorism has been one of the devouring menaces, which impedes the ways of development of the country. It has destroyed the peace, prosperity and beauty of many advanced countries. Terrorism is one of the quagmires, that not only devoures the people but also creates fear among them. Terrorism has effected every department, sector and institution of a country in the world. However, economy is considered the most demanding weapon of development. As, it is terrorism which is inversely proportional to economy. If such gruesome acts of terrorism are increasing so the ranking of economy would be decreased immediately.
Since the inception of the country other dangerous problems were highly prevailed but after 9/11 attack, terrorism has dangerously covered the beautiful face of Pakistan. Doubtlessly, Pakistan was under the chains of terrorism some years ago. There, peace was destroyed, blood was cheaper than water, beautiful places were ambushed, educational sectors were attacked brutally and spiritual places were almost targeted by such hardcore terrorists. Such a time proved that Pakistan, rapidly, went down in economic strategies, even, no nation was ready for making relationship in the terms of economy.
After all, considering such fatal conditions of Pakistan; civil and military leadership started overcoming the ills of terrorism from its deep-roots. Regardless, operations were launched in the tribal and highly terror-effected areas of Pakistan. After herculean efforts by armed forces, finally, Pakistan saved its economy by eradication pesky terrorism and its networks from grassroot level. Currently, foreign investment through economy has been working out successfully.
Furthermore, there are multiple gateways of terrorism. One that overshadows all others is unemployment. The compulsion of unemployment compels the people to join the categories of terrorism for the purpose of earning. As much as bloody terrorism causes the economy so much the cruel cycle of unemployment effects the economic strategies. Thus, stemming the ratio of unemployment is the first and foremost action to save the economy and to desist the fatal terrorism. In addition to, illiteracy also hinders the ways of development and prosperity of the country. It is illiteracy, which pressurizes one’s mind to accept the chains of heinous terrorism. Besides, the brainwashed centers and the curriculum of extremism are another demanding trends of increasing and training the venomous terrorists. Regardless, instability of security system at borders also gives space and air to the monster terrorists to easily enter into our country.
As a result, saving economy is merely possible to initially eradicate terrorism from its thick roots. Terrorists are taught the false definition of Islam. Thus, such centers should be traced out and destroyed completely. Over and above, all points of Nation Action Plan (NAP) must be functioned practically to shatter the deep-rooted terrorism.